Since October 7, 2011. NewBee and I have been working on a revision of JailBreak from scratch.

If you don’t know what JailBreak is then here’s the down low about it.

Their are two teams. Guards and Inmates(Prisoners). Prisoners are give order by the guards. Warden(Guards) decides what the prisoners do. When it finally gets down to 1 prisoner, then a last request is given. It’s full of twists and turns depending on the warden but overall is very fun and entertaining.




What is left to be done?

  • Last Request

Team members
Excl(_NeewBee) - lua
Aide - lua

I am wondering why that map is fullbright for you. It’s not full bright for me.

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And we’re looking for storywriters. IF you think you can come up with some entertaining prisoner or guard stories let me know. The current ones are pretty much placeholders.

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This is my current todo list:

  • Make help menu
  • yes-no voting system core
  • mapconfig swep for setting spawns for players and weapons manually
  • weapon selection (1-2-3-4 menu)

Just finished last requests.

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And ofcource I still need to fix my weapon base up a little, with some tweaks to the values.

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It’s probably full bright because you just tested your silly climb game mode with the shitty maps, aide.


Looks great! I can try to help with stories if you’d like.

I played a little JB on CS:S was good fun if not too many kids were on it, will this use existing JB maps?

It will use whatever looks good. I’m mainly a mapper so I might find it fun to make a map for it at some point.

That would be good, the old JB maps are looking a bit out dated so new content is always good plus we have the powers of GMOD to make this better then CS:S ^^

That’s true but it will cost me time, which I don’t know I will have.

Wow, it looks awesome!

I’m glad, I’ve been wanting to play some Garrysmod Jailbreak ever since I shut down PiRATBYRAN but I don’t feel like rebooting the community :v:

When do you think you’ll have some servers up then?

I can put up servers whenever I want. I’m just waiting a little because I think first impressions are very important.

Also I really liked your jailbreak Kopimi, except the point where you banned me cause you tought I was some kind of spy out to steal your ideas :v:

Yeah putting up a server too early pretty much kills any hype for the gamemode.

I was going to say, I could upload my Jailbreak in case you wanted to check how anything was done, but it was really a mess of a gamemode anyway

And yeah sorry for that, once the drama with that other “clan” or whatever started up I didn’t want much to do with anyone linked to it
I think I’m better off handling the scripting, rather than the servers :v:

This is not my first jail breaking game mode. I could pretty much look it up in other projects if needed. Thanks for the offer though.

My friend was working on a jb gamemode for GMOD, didn’t get very far.

This looks nice.

Thank you.

This looks really nice. Great job on this.


(click to view bigger version)

Weapon selections.

Great job. I love Jailbreak gamemodes and this one looks very cool. Just out of curiousity, will this ever be released or used on a certain server? Because I would love to play/run this gamemode.


We will release it if we can’t handle it on one server. (as in, it’s always full)