Jailed - A new GJail type gamemode from scratch

Hi all! I’ve been working for the past week or so on a new gamemode called “Jailed” that closely resembles GJail. However, this script will have two different modes, one like regular old GJail, and the other a more tactical sort of mode with alert meters and such.

I have a server up for playable beta at the IP:

Here is a list of what is done and what is to come:

[] Create Alert Meter mode
[X] Custom scoreboard
[X] Custom HUD
[X] Custom SWEPs (simple)
[X] Custom start sounds
] More SWEPs (Disguiser, etc.)
[] Stats and Skills
] Rank system
[_] Help Menu

That’s all I can think of for now, but I will add more later on if I think of any.


If you want screenshots, just ask for them.

Screenshots please, this sounds pretty good :smiley:

thats nice, but how about telling us what it is?

is this a jailbreak rp thing?

is this just another way to DM?

is this actual jail roleplay?

edit: -snip-

I actually planned to do a jailbreak gamemode as my first gamemode and probably will, so good luck with yours.

As long as you don’t steal my ideas.

Oh! Nice job so far, I joined and liked (my name is Alex in-game) could still use a few things though, otherwise nice job.

Thanks, I’ll get screen shots tomorrow, I’m tired xD

Also, I updated the checklist.

Server has been updated with many things!

Would I be able to get an BETA/Alpha version for my server?
Very nice idea by the way!
I would also really like some screenshots thank you.

I still want to see some sort of jailbreak gamemode that does not involve RP in any shape or form, where you actually do have to break out of jail and escape.