following the release of Heroes on the move, it reminded me of how much i loved playing the original Jak And Daxter trilogy, even though it’s on ps2 i was wondering if someone could get each version of jak, and the daxter from Jak 3 as he seems to have better quality textures, maybe his weapons in jak 2 an 3 could be ported mainly the peace maker. just to make it interesting could the Krimson guards be ported as well, all color variations

all of these would do but not the lost frontier as i see it as a let down to the franchise

an they are the krimson guard

Full suport.

i would support it, but its a ps2 only game. also the models look like shit up close.

you dont think i realize that?? step one would be to rip, step two slowly smooth mesh an step three to upgrade the textures

sounds like alot of work, for free that is.

happy hunting.

heck i will help seeing as i have 3ds max i just cant find any of the models an i dont have any of the games still

i support

you can get a high Polly daxter rip from pain. I have given all the tools for free to rip models from that game here. http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6384
if you need help getting the model files from pain i will guide you. I am not posting mdl files this is just getting a character model so you can port it yourself.

nice… but personally main priority is Jak… but i will defiantly try to get daxter using that tool

I am going to rent PlayStation heroes and look at that format if i figure it out ill post here for you.

I always liked the Krimson Guard.

nah the Krimson guards were a pain especially with those spider crawler things, also Chrrox cool if you want the daxter from that but i personally feel they made jak look like a nob :L


ok well after looking at ps move heroes jak doesn’t look too bad… but i think he looks better in Mar’s Armour (jak 3) or racing gear (jak X), but also i have just realized that having hex models of the weapons to make into sweps would be epic as well.


an this link has some more weapons from the first 3 games

maybe some of jaks cars from 3 or X would be good as well

BUMP, also I have realised that other secondary characters could be ported like Samos and Kiera, torn, ashleigh, krew, sig, gol, Mia, the other sages, daxter (human form), and then maybe haven city people and waste landers ect, but ATM I can’t put reference as I’m using my I-touch

Well if Krew does get ported I can blow him up again. And again. And again. (I think you know what I’m getting at.)

well until then we can watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly_AP6af57g


BUMP and new idea if someone helps I’ll make the model myself

Don’t forget the female characters from the game!!!