i did say keira! but anyway BUMP as i would really love to have Jak, Sig, Torn and Ashelin for L4D an L4D2

okay i did some hunting and found these links

even though it’s centered on jak 3 it should work on all of them yes??

BUMP - if it helps i now have jak 2, 3 an X again

just to note it think all versions of jak apart from x are in jak 3 as it has a in-game model viewer with jak 1 an 2 in it

Ok, I’ve looked at the links. I did not see any where files for Jak 3 models. If you can get them it will help the prosess.

it’s not links to the models, it’s links to a supposed emu that will let you rip them


And how about Tess, Ashelin, Rayn, and Maia? In addition to Keira. Come on, people!!! Help us out!!!

it’s a shame this went down, but just let it die now please.


If I did, it will discourage anyone from making ragdolls of the characters.

Fixed for you . Nothing happenned after Jak X .


Jak X still sucked ass

This game would be cool without the save problems and is following the storyline . (The crappy fat guy’s funeral thing)
But Lost Frontier was an huuuge piece of crap . I didn’t even finish it .Seriously, DARK DAXTER ?! WHAT DRUGS ARE THESE UNKNOWN GUYS ON ?!

Plus, this “end of the world” or whatever it’s called is just against the background of the game, because they live on a real planet as the Earth .

but i think we can agree precursor legacy was best.

Stop complaining!!! I want ragdolls!!!

Shame every good game series goes down the toilet like Crash Bandicoot fuck you Mind over mutant!


I can’t poop a ragdoll outta my ass on demand, dude .

People already answered you . You have to find someone to ripp the models from the links that KillerHadock gave you .

you will get nothing with the way your acting