lol you are going to have the same as the guy who wan’t the clown from l4d2 nothing

How about we get this thread to die and lock itself.

Get out.

OK. I’ll be patient. But why should this forum die? Jak and Daxter ragdolls will never be made if this thread dies.

And Aaron, can you please not tell me that?

And another thing, I was just trying to help KiLlErHaDoCk. Don’t forget that I’m not the only one who wants Jak and Daxter ragdolls.

First off, this forum isnt dying, the thread is just being ignored cause no one can or wants to do it.

Second, i told you that because your post was idiotic.

Third, dont, never do what you just did, unless you say something to actually say besides “hurf durf I WANT RAGDOLLS AND I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT”.

Also you actually said that YOU want the ragdolls and for everyone else to stop complaining so yeah.

OK. Fine. I’ll leave this thread alone untill someone does ragdolls of the characters.

how about i try to rip… but as some on this will know most of my rigging and compile goes to shit, so i doubt i would be able to do more than just that… then after that we would need someone else to rig and compile

side note… i leave this for a couple of days to play L.A Noire and it just turns into… well this

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fine i wont rip… as it won’t run emu from my laptop without my ps2 BIOS which i have no idea how to get
so i will have to make the models… SHIT

Nuts!!! That’s a shame!!! Wish I could help, but I don’t know alot about ripping from video games. Maybe Google or Bing could solve your problems.

Jak and daxter from the ps2 games are compressed with an unkown compression so 3d ripper dx is the best bet.

i know that but i need to emulate it (get it to play on my pc) but i dont know the BIOS of my ps2 to get it working

okay now im finally bothered about playing on my new laptop… and before there are loads of ‘oh just let this die already’ comments ect… this is just a enquiry so to save a whole new thread with everything… since the Jak and Daxter HD trilogy is released next month would it be possible to get the models from there??

If it’s Playstation 3, it’ll probably be in PAK files. I asked about this a while ago in order to get some models from a certain other Naughty Dog game (you better know where I’m going here) aaaand no one responded. Chances are you probably won’t be able to extract the models unless there is a 3D ripper for Playstation 3, or If you know how to convert PAK files into usable models.


You know, it might be possible to rip them if you have a PS3 that has linux installed. You’d have to find an older one that still has otherOS installed and then rip the disc to the hard drive. It would cost you quite a bit though.

okay well i have the ps2 emu working i just cant get the disks to boot…

right has emu working just need way to rip and i need to configure the settings

small point does anyone know how to rip from PCSX2?

I’m having the same problem, oh and I know how to rig characters in blender, But I’m not fully sure how to do bi-pedal ragdoll physics yet. I need those physics for my actual " HD " remake of jak and Daxter, that I will send to certain people who ask for it so I’m not using it for commercial purposes, aswell as I will need it for my fan made game o Jak and Daxter.

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Wait…actually if someone can create/find an extractor those files that would be great.

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How do you guys find old threads like this?

they google them, 1 post and never come back, scum of the earth.

Seeing the Jak models in Gmod would be pretty cool, gonna support this. And don’t worry, unlike that trainguy, I have tons of patience to spare.

FYI, I am trying to work on patience.