Jake's Cool Gamemode

Hey y’all I’m currently working on a stealth multiplayer action game mode.

In short this game / game mode will be called Phoenix Espionage, were you infiltrate a building, do a numerous of objectives or just one, and get out. There will be a number of cool things like interactable Terminals for hacking into stuff to unlock doors, view security cameras, etc (Similar to this concept I made Unity Terminal #2 - YouTube). There will also be a defending team who will stop you from completing these objectives. I plan on having asymmetrical gameplay similar to Splinter Cells spy’s vs mercs!

Here’s some cool view model stuff I’ve made for it so far!

I plan to get something playable and fun by the 15th of August!
I will be updating this thread with all the cool stuff I get made for it


is it you, Tom Clancy?


can we just talk bout him shooting hotdogs?




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Started working on my weapon mechanics such as shooting from the muzzle (not on it exactly a bit behind it)


Worked on a basic procedural recoil

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Awesome sauce cool stuff

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Got a MK23 in!!! Currently working on a new configuration system that allows every pickup to be just a generic asset type.

Hope you guys are enjoying the progress that the fellas and I have been making


Good job

looks amazing, but does it still shoot hotdogs?