JAKUTA STUDIOS presentation.

Newbies presentation. JAKUTA STUDIOS presents you our first job with gmod and tf2 characters. Need your support and advices. **:smile:

Sandvich Diary [Episode 1] The Beggining

My eyes, I have to go lay down.

Didn’t liked it ?

You spelled beginning wrong FYI.

Oh man let me just get my popcorn so I can watch it.

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was a great movie man

Tell me please, why video is so bad??? :suicide:

It was pretty unfunny, just still shots of the characters faces with little to no faceposing, any live action (like the ragdoll flying across) was laggy and overdone.
It wasn’t fucking terrible but “Jakuta Studios” sounds a bit contrived and you spelled beginning wrong.
You made an effort, isn’t a terrible beginning but it really is nothing special and it earns the vote “Lame”

what i spelled wrong? sandvich?
Btw thanks for comments next video will be 10 times better

I highly doubt it will be better. Put more effort in, a lot more.

You spelled sandvich right. But “begginning” is spelled with one “g”.

ohh u see i cant speak english very well , as i said next video will be good

Never make a promise that your next video will be X amount of times better, especially when you’re just starting out and nobody will be surprised at all when it’s just as bad as the first.