Jalopy Concepts

Hey guys,

Me and a friend have decided to build three of Valve’s concepts of the jalopy in Episode Two.


Chevrolet Chevelle SS


Ford Mustang Mach 1



Now, here’s the thing.

We first thought the orange one was a Dodge Challenger, however after I compared the image to the model I was UVing, I noticed it’s not a Challenger at all.

Early WIP stage, so it looks really terrible here…


So, would any of you guys be able to identify the orange car?

All three cars will be released separately as addon vehicles and as Ep2 replacements once they are finished, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I like the idea of this. And i wish you well in your Modeling.

The orange one is the current one. They just changed it to be yellow.
That model you have above looks a bit strange. Originally, the car in Ep.2 was going to be a VW beetle, but playtesters found it to be too similar to the jalopy from HL2. It looks like you’ve got the final version at the back, then put the Beetle at the front then widened it. It’s just what the front wheelarch reminds me of.

Good luck with this though.

I am aware of the Hybrid and no, the orange one is not the current one, since it doesn’t look like a Charger at all.

But yeah, thanks

I don’t know about that, doesn’t look like the tail of the charger from ep2. I’m 100% sure it’s something else. The Concept art that is.

Is it a GTO?


Aw, sweet.

Hey, you think you could do the Ep2 beta car? The weird looking buggy with the refrigerator and that fan? I’ll try and get a pic up, sooner or later.

The Hybrid, I know it.

Too complicated right now.

I really think we all just want to see the junker one.

And we are not able to rebuild that thing properly nor is it the subject of the thread, thus its irrelevant. Stop whining about the goddamn Hybrid already, seriously.

Anyway I decided to work on the Mustang first, it’s coming along nicely. However I am at college right now so I can’t post a pic, I’ll do that once I get home, though.

Also if anyone still has an idea on what the orange concept could be, feel free to post it.

Perhaps a Dodge Charger’s back?

I already said it’s obviously not a charger.

Well it looks somewhat like a 1969’s charger back. Eventhough you don’t have to believe me. Was just a guess.

problem with the hybrid is everything has to be recreated, there’s nothing to use as a base. As with this at least you got the current jalopy to work with. It would be possible to see the hybrid being remade if there were more pictures of it for refrence.

Well, thing is. the Charger has a much squarer back end, this one is more of a pointy shape.
So I am pretty sure it’s not a Charger.

I like the green car the best, to be honest. When you’re finished with all of them, is there any chance you’d be willing to make an EP2 replacement?

he already said they wold be released as replacements for the ep2 car

Not anything like this?

Back end is too square bro.