James bond meets jaws


Showing off my edit of Jaws from GE:S which makes his teeth not look like they’ve been train wheels for 40 years and removing his suspenders(Cuz they clipped with him)

Had a second angle but jaws looked like a bobbleheaded woman

The teeth looks horrible.

They look better than rusty shit.

What’s with that white streak across the picture?

What the fuck how did that happen

He looks really really retarded.
Low Res models finish of the picture.

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I demand you never ever come into my threads again, you give absoloutely useless criticism, whine about “LO RES MODELS OGM” When you DON’T EVEN FUCKING LINK TO A BETTER MODEL, and you complain about “RICKTOR BREED” Smile WHEN NOBODY KNOWS WHO TRICKTER DREED IS?!

Why should I give you some good critism if all youre going to say is:
“Thats the way its suposed to be”
“I wanted those models”
or you just go to my threads and start flaming there.
I dont see any reasons to give you constructive critism if you arent doing it.

Because not only do we not do these poses to make you pleased you’re such a whiny bitch over insignificant little fucking things.

Little? You think the teeths are the only problem? Dude your pictures mothafuckin suck and heres why:

The faceposing sux balls(Jaws isnt looking at the guy and the way how the guy is smoking is very weird)
The Camera Angle is shit find a better one
Ugly low res wall textures
Ugly Buildings in the background
The idea is fucking stupid
The posing is unrealistic and dumb(Cigarette package, Jaws…)
Very ugly Models

Yeah dude your pictures seriously suck. Get another hobby.

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The camera angle is fine
The low res is not my fault.
See above
No it’s not,
Link me to better models

1.If he is unfaceposable dont use him.
2.You know theres a section here on facepunch thats called Models/Skins and I heard you can find models and skins there
3.The camera angle is boring. Chesty would say the same.
4.The low res is your fault because you have to use some HIGH Res texture maps(gm-bigcity is fail without some cool scenebuilding).
5.If you think the posing is fine… okay stick with some stiff unrealistic posing.
6.The idea is stupid(James Bond meets Jaws? Wtf)

Leave, get out of this thread, Now, GET OUT.

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does Firemasheens posts count as flaming? it was okay but why is another cigarette coming out of the pack? is he a heavy smoker? :slight_smile:

Great I give you critism and you freak out. Learn to take it 12 year old boy.

He was offering one to the stranger near him until he noticed the identity of the stranger


You don’t give me criticism, you come in and shit on my threads till your rectum shits out it’s own lining

It looks to me as if he’s offering Jaws a cig.


Give me ninja’d clocks.

I will give you a bow for being correct

everything is ok but the teeth…