James Bond Models

Hey guys and gals!

So, it’s been a while since any Bond models were posted, and most of the links to the raw files are long gone, so I chased Fixer up for his Legends models while I work at getting solid rips from Quantum of Solace and Goldeneye’s remake. Here’s the Legends raw data. Because they’re rips, they need rigging, but hopefully some of you with skills well beyond mine will jump on board!

Have at 'em!

More soon!

Thx for reuploading these, I thought they were lost a while ago.

No problem! Really hoping someone does something with those classic villains, so it’s a semi-selfish endeavour :wink:

I am doing a quick rig of skyfall craig, will post results soon

so while i can admit at rigging, i dont know why i am getting this issue, maybes a phymodel issue. if anyone can help me rig these bad boys up, send me a message