James has found himself in a bit of a pickle.

First picture in fucking ages man. Photoshop is ** HARD AS FUCK ** when you haven’t used it for a while.


I just noticed its DARK AS FUCK. >:C

Expect more Silent Hill / Horror themed pictures in the future…

Not bad. It’s SHEFing, right, but eh, i like SHEF, so… :slight_smile:

Can’t see shit.

The whole thing is kinda blurry and overly contrasted, but I guess that’s what you get for cheaply using SHEF.

I didn’t expect anyone to remember what SHEF’ing was. :slight_smile:

Ha I kinda came in just after it went out of fashion, but I remember reading the tutorial and seeing all the hate.

Ahh right…
It’s still good if you do it then combine it with other editing techniques…

Patient omg hide! Cool pic, little bit dark but it fits to the atmosphere.