james hetfield shoots at something in the dark


just a muzzleflash/smoke/lighting practice
C&C please

Is that a simple Francis Reskin?

Smoke looks odd. Muzzleflash is good.

i shouldn’t say its a simple one

You should try to make the muzzle flash touch the end of the barrel next time.

I think you mixed those up.

The smoke looks quite good.

The muzzleflash looks like shit.

The lighting and the pose is nice, but damn the muzzleflash is ugly.

look at this fingers - they are relaxed. Your muzzleflash is bad, and smoke cannot be over it. Turn your graphic on, and what the pixels on the left?

You did not even try to smooth the edges, You just copypasted it and kinda soft-brushed the edges out. Still not good. The Smoke doesn’t fit. It’s too big and not coming from anywhere.

Lazy work, dude, lazy work.

Good thing someone found use for my skin. I wish someone could model some hair on the head.

About the overall pic, Juraj basically said it.

tv static
and my graphics are maxed out

The muzzle flash is kinda bad.

James Hetfield shoots at something in the dark? Probably his fans.

hes all red
and the muzzleflash is a tad too far away from the gun

…And Justice for All… 'Cept Zombies…
Like said above, muzzleflash needs work but pretty good.