Jamzzster Maps Discussion

Hey guys!

I’d just like to run a discussion about this person’s maps. They are directed to the RP community, and are quite excelent. This also gives me the oppurtunity to advertise for him as well.

As some of you RP players should of heard of, these are the maps he’s made so far.


So the true reason is, what map should I do?

Im stuck between V1_5 and Cityway.

Cityway is a big map, like EvoCity, just better made w/ a beach, residential area, work area etc.
Townsend_v1_5 is a small local area, with all the markets implemented, boring though.

http://jamzzster.com/home/?page_id=9 for his maps.

He’s awesome, cred’s to you jamzzster, thanks alot man, you’re a great mapper!

He’s already a member here and could have made the thread, and this does need a thread anyway…

Someone’s a fangirl.

But im a boy :frowning:



No, you’re a girl.

So you’re asking us to have a discussion on who you should have a discussion on?

Honestly, don’t troll so hard.

I just want an opinion on which map is better, I just want the best for my server.
So if you’re gonna come here being an ass, go somewhere else.

You want us to choose what map is best for your server, while we don’t even know you or what kind of server you run?

Why not ask the people on your server what they like?

I asked you an honest question. Nowhere did you mention the word server in the OP.

Does it look like I wanna criticized saying “DarkRP”, well than. I run a RP derived from DarkRP “MetroRP” Okay? >_>

I think you missed the point. Ask people on your server what they want to play on.


LOL, well ya’know, my server’s based on more older players, who have more mature minds.
So this is the most mature GMod community I know of.

And sorry, /fail here.

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Alright, well this is convincing enough.

My players have said that cityway better fits the gameplay.

So if you’d like to passby, lol…
uh… well come by my server ad? :smiley:


Oh my, I’m confused.

Last time I checked only 12 year old boys and fangirls had maturity elitism. This is the internet, want maturity? Have fun finding it.

i fail to decipher OP’s ultimate point

Same. I don’t know what to discuss.

I’ve never tried his maps, but I know from screenies and videos his maps are good and he’s talented.

Not to be rude but Jamzzsters maps suck the textures are about as shitty as they can get and the map is just completely ugly and to think people were gonna run there PERP server on this map lol.

You sir, are a cock juggling thunder cunt, stop being dumb, his maps are fairly nice.

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Fuuuuuuuuu- accidentally rated self dumb!