Japanese/chinese (asian) locations in games

I would like to know of any game I could rip asian locations, I already checked Akiba’s Trip (all versions), Shenmue (models are deformed cause 3dxripper), Dead Or Alive…

Sleeping Dogs is based off Hong Kong, so that might be a good one to look at.

The problem there is the models UV mapping is badly extracted, at least the last time I checked :confused:

BO3 have some singleplayer levels in singapore(probably some MP maps too), and some BO2 MP maps in asia

Black Ops 1 also has one level set in Kowloon, as well.

Persona 5 has small maps of all of these places

Hitman: Contracts has a China level, but it’s pretty old.

Kane & Lynch 2 is set in Shanghai, and is pretty decent. However I don’t know how well it can be ripped.

Your best bet is probably the Hong Kong level in Resident Evil 6, I remember someone managed to port an entire street from that.

NeoTokyo is a Source mod set in futuristic Japan, you can just copy/paste the maps and models straight into Gmod. They’re not very detailed though.

Kane & Lynch one also had a level in Tokyo I believe.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series has lots Japanese expressways.

There is a left 4 dead custom map called Yama

The new HITMAN game has a level set in a hospital in Hokkaido.

Chinatown in CoD MWR