Japanese girl in a Kimono

I know this has been asked before, and someone made a model, but since it is a replace of one of the citizens, I was going to ask for just a model on its own, because the older one had a few problems that make it unuseable for posing. If anyone is going to take this on I ask that you use the kimono in the picture below. Also if at all possable could you make it so she has her face painted like a geisha, and the hair also like one? I will post the wiki page of geisha, which has lots of pictures. And idk if this is to much to ask but, could you make it so she has one skin without her face painted up, or maybe just add that model and the painted up one together?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Furisode.JPG this is the kimono i would like her to wear

I know there’s a kimono model out there, but i lost the dl link a long time ago and the textures were all wonky when i tried it anyways.

like i said…i know about it, im asking for a new one

Why can I see myself using this model in the future…nothing bad…but the curiosity is overwelming.

well find someone to do it…or start asking people yourself…since I dont know any modelers

Im still trying to find someone that would want to make my human poison headcrab model, but I’ll sure try.

anyone got anybody to do this yet?