Japanese Katana and scabbard Request

Hello. I was wondering if someone could make a prop of a japanese Katana, scabbard, and a katana in a scabbard, all different props.

Something like this:


Please and thank you.

i know there’s l4d2 katana and the half zatoichi, but if you could give me models of these then i could get em as props in like 2 secs

I was more referring to an entirely new prop, as The Half Zatoichi is a bit too cartoony, and I don’t have L4D2.

Plus neither of those come with a scabbard.

If I remember correctly, there’s a Soul Calibur 4 weapons pack on garrysmod.org somewhere that has a few katanas in it. Not entirely sure, but I think I also remember seeing that the katanas came in 3 forms; in the sheathe, the blade itself, and the sheathe itself.

well like i said, find me some models to use and they’ll be props in a jiffy, cause props are easy to do