Japanese Military Rogues sprinting across a field-

<3 jinari

something simple and “distant/vast” in a way I guess lol.

Love the lighting and the wide camera angle. Great job!

<3 Jinrai too; they’re so much cooler than the NSF!

I saw this on Paradox. Good job. I like the angle and lighting as well. :v:

Amazing edit!

This works great with Departure from the Neotokyo soundtrack.

why are they sprinting

Maybe because they’re out of cover? It’s a good idea to move as fast as possible between cover.

A HAWS just appeared from behind a building and if they don’t they’ll be turned into hamburger by its chainguns.

Also, I bet none of you have found the cloaked Hachikomas in any of the maps yet. There’s supposed to be at least one semi-invisible hachikoma hidden in every map.

Simple, but VERY nice. I love the colors and that truck.

Japan doesn’t have a legitimate military. YOUR LOGIC IS FLAWED, GOOD SIR!
Also nice picture.

Love the color and brightnes/contrast tone.

I only wish the Jinrai model was black or blue.

Nice edit.

That makes sense

Also, I think it is Tachikoma, not hachikoma.

Again, also, I liked the pose, did you have trouble finger posing the right hand?

whatever hand you’re using as the trigger hand, yeah, don’t both trying to finger pose it. I did a quick swoop with eraser tool on his extended finger tips to solve that problem. (to give the effect that they are infact, gripping properly, etc.)

Awesome, Jinrai are awesome. :smiley:

Though, i can’t see the second Jinrai soldier’s second hand holding the gun, it just looks like two white circles holding the gun.

Actually, I realized it doesn’t. Jinrai uses the spider tanks, not the NSF.

Could be actual, non-rogue military chasing them though.