Jarate Ambush

Jarate is perfect for ambushing spies who are attempting to steal your intel

It’s ok, but the image is way to dark, and the editing is sub-par. The “torn-paper” way of doing things never really looks good.


Oh and the pyro looks very bulky. Not really his style.

The cutout effect looks like(No offense) Something a 9 year old would do for a sims 2 collage, i’m thinking little girl, little girl with pigtails that rides a trycicle, that’s what the cutout effect smacks me of,

In otherwords, don’t use the cutout effect.

If it was a cutout then there wouldnt be blurr around the edges. Its torn… Also i’m thinking that you yes you are deathbucket for sure…

don’t like the angle but i suppose how else would you fit them all in?

Well there was another way to do it. But it would have had been a huge pain in the ass.

It’s been painted over with the brush tool in GIMP/Photoshop in white in a vague attempt to look torn.

It doesn’t work.

Its not white. Its a transparent background…