Probably my best looking background

You left some lamps in the view.

Well the upper side of the pic looks good, but the bottom somehow lacks the shadows on all of models somehow.

I don’t see them, where are they ?

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that’s because i put too many lamps .


Haha,that guy to the left doesn’t seem to care that he got shot and just wants to keep running.

The posing is wonkey, the composition is off, and that flat sand wall of nothingness right there doesn’t look too good, same for the muzzle flashes. Some silhouettes in it would’ve been nicer.

Not one of your best, but it’s alright.

Is the actual, proper bipod on the M60 model not foldable? I assume there’s probably a bodygrouped on out there where you can actually fold it down instead of using that wonky thing you’ve thrown under there.