Jason swep

(Yes, it’s spelled with all-caps. I am terribly sorry.)

If you’ve played Heavy Rain, you probably know what this is.

If not, it’s still funny.

Press Mouse 1 to JASON.


I’d record a video, but that never works well for me.

Okay, for the people who never played, why not explain?

Go to like two minutes in.

Try to not watch the entire video, has some spoilers(although the title of the video itself is a spoiler).

watched it nearly all the way though, don’t understand what it is.

It screams Jason or something.

This… Made my day.

You removed me :frowning:

On-topic: so it just screams “Jason!!” or what?

I’m sorry, but this is really pointless. All it does is yell Jason.

Thats the point.

If you played heavy rain then you would get the point. :stuck_out_tongue:

i use this swep all the time and i still cant find jason

help guys

You should look in the stack of balloons! :3

I want to have your babies.


This is more golder than…


i played heavy rain i found him on a road.


why did you spoil peoples lifes

We need a Jason gamemode where a Jason NPC runs and teleports around the map and players have to find him while yelling JAYSHUNNNN as much as they can to make him slow down.

I shall get right on that.

i love you

Oh god… :ohdear: