Jason Voorhees

Credit: (body: PappasKurtz) (mask: Stene) (face’s texture: ShoTGuNGuY49)

Installation: Just extract in your addon folder.




The machete is not include (i use the l4d2 machete on the screens).




p.s. The Vampire is available on “digitalero” and Freddy on “facepunch”.

Cant see the pictures for some reason


Excellent work!

Yes now I can finish my series of Freddy vs Jason sex poses.

Bloody Awesome.
Kinda curious who the girl is though.
Or At least I’m assuming that’s a girl.

I love it

But i’m afraid he have a Nude Surprise bodygroup

oh god, i hope not

I think the face was made by -rusty- actually.

It is.

EDIT: Looking at it now though, it seems like someone slapped bits of my original facemap on a resized eric_facemap with some random blood splatters.


I got it from Zombie Master or something like that. I remember editing some bits of it, but I don’t know what.

Nice work… btw is that Freddy model released?

It’s in the Mortal Kombat pack.
Here http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1137305

Oh! And as usual, most wonderful work, Evil-Ash!

My pardons, but… Could i get a download link to the Vampire chick?

I’ve scrounged DigitalEro, and found more than a few useful things, and saw several incredible poses/screens, but i had no luck finding her.


Just updated http://digitalero.lefora.com/2011/11/17/sandra-the-daywalker-take-two/

Rastifan, I keep getting some ‘You do not have permission to view this topic’ bullshit… I’m guessing I have to be a member of DigitalEro?

Yes. Reg is required for accessing the model release section. We got over 40 nude, semi nude and dressed quality models there not found anywhere else. It is absolutely worth the reg. You do not even have to post anything.

I hate to seem blunt, but what is the difference between this one and the earlier one that was released?

It has a different body, that’s about it.

Evil-Ash what no nude Jason?