Jason VS Nemesis (Lightsaber Duel)

Bad map choice, but apart from that I think it’s nice.

One of the light sabers from Jason is misaligned tho.


Nemesis clothes are fucking shiny.

Yeah I just noticed the light saber,and this map and an apartment map are the only ones super dof work on for me any other time it crashes thats why I chose this map.

I also think I made jasons right lightsaber a little too big. (The glow on it.)

I think, glow may be more transparent

what map is this?

The lightsabers don’t really seem to glow. The ‘blades’ darken everything around their edges.

The map is called hgn_srp_chernobyl_alpha.

Yeah I think I didn’t put enough gaussian blur on one of the layers.

I use different technique.
In Photoshop:

draw white line for saber blade, then
Layer\New…\Layer…\Layer Style\Outer Glow
then just tune parameters. I think this method is more easy :slight_smile:

That wouldn’t help. It depends on the fill mode of the layer.

I used paint.net for the lightsaber, I put a new layer on then put red on the saber,gaussian blur,a new layer and more red with gaussian blur,and last a new layer for the the white with very little gaussian blur. I also put some noise in with gimp.

Bad lightsaber effect is bad D: