Jason Vs. Terminator

Posing=Fail. Well, for jason anyway. he looks too stiff.
The terminator is awesome

Chainsaw=EPIC fail.

Is this your first pose?
Than its okay.
If not red above me.

O_O Terminator is good but chainsaw is ****

Jason doesn’t really have multiple poses. Mostly standing and waiting or holding his machete in the air and ready to stab.

Yes, I guess I should find a better chainsaw model.

Thanks for the comment.

NP. SOrry about the harshness though.

Good idea, but hate the execution, I fail to see why a T-800 would need a chainsaw.

“Shit, fuck, cunt.”

See? You are allowed to swear on the internet.

So much for Escape From Garry’s Mod 2. Nice original idea… I guess.

Terminator wouldn’t use a chainsaw. It would block the knife with its hand, grab Jason’s throat and snap his neck like a chickenbone.

And if you’re going to use the termie in your future poses, find the one with better head texture, you can find it on FPSBanana.

hm. Ain’t Jason afraid of the water…? Just my 347 000 000 000 cents.

You watched too much Freddy Vs. Jason. xD

didn’t someone drown him when he was a kid though?

Jason was never ever afraid of water. He was even using lakes to get hided and attack people. Walking in. Sleeping in.

In part 8. He walked kilometers under water from a boat to Manhattan. xD

It’s really detailed.

its good, but it need fingerposing

I don’t find the logic in zomeone fighting a hunk of metal armed with a machete, which, compared to even a kitchen knife, is a simple sheet of metal, hardly sharpened.

But I would guess it’s something got to do with the Jason mythology, since he can walk under water, as someone posted before me.

The posing of Jason in the last picture is a bit weird, and indeed, the chainsaw is grainy and the terminator wouldn’t probably use one, and doesn’t appear to be holding it in the closeup.

As for the rest, it seems fine.