Javascript c#

greetings to all forum users, I would like to ask. I know JavaScript, but I don’t know C #. Can I use javascript in the development of the s & box

No. s & box uses C # you should go learn it

Following on from Adam, Javascript shares many similarities to C#, so pivoting your skills in JS to C# should not be difficult.


// C#
Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
// JS
console.log("Hello World!");

You may end up learning a few new programming concepts along the way, which is only a good thing.


To what extent do you know javascript?

The fact you asked if you could use javascript in a game that has, from day one, stated that it would use C# suggests you don’t really know much about any kind of development.

Not trying to start anything, but this comes off as awfully rude. And while I agree they maybe could’ve searched for the anwser themselves, I think this is an actual legitimate question they have. Maybe there could’ve been the possibility that javascript works? Maybe there’s a way to implement javascript in a game developed in C#? And while of course these questions are likely incorrect, that shouldn’t give anyone the right to judge their knowledge in programming based off of that alone.

And even if they don’t know all that much about javascript or development in general, who cares? If they’re wanting to get better and learn how to develop more, then those experienced should encourage them to learn and to suggest better ways on how to do it. Telling them downright that they’re not knowledgable and/or are bad at coding on a development forum, is like berating someone for not knowing how to be a doctor at a medical school to teach them how to do just that.