JavaScript Hooks for server loading screen

Hello people, I am helping create a loading screen for a community that I am part of.

I wish for it to display the current file being downloaded and how many files left.

I do know how to use both JavaScript and HTML, the problem is though that I don’t know the hooks for these.

I used to be a daily reader of Garry’sblog and when the “Custom server loading screen” was added he also posted a few hooks that we could use in JavaScript to grab some simple information, now since that update Garry’s blog has been updated a few times and I cannot find they Hooks.

Any help would be great, Thanks. -Stephen

Garry removed all of the download status things.

<script type="text/javascript">

			function GameDetails( servername, serverurl, mapname, maxplayers, steamid, gamemode )
				// Do with these what you will :)
				// this function gets called only when joining a multiplayer server

				//$("#spambox").append("serverurl: " + serverurl + "<br>");
				//$("#spambox").append("servername: " + servername + "<br>");
				//$("#spambox").append("maxplayers: " + maxplayers + "<br>");
				//$("#spambox").append("steamid: " + steamid + "<br>");
				//$("#spambox").append("gamemode: " + gamemode + "<br>");
				//$("#spambox").append("mapname: " + mapname + "<br>");

This is all we have now.

Agh, that’s sad news actually.

Ohwell, I guess I’ll have to just use something else that people can stare at while they wait.

Thanks anyway -Stephen :smiley: