Javascript in MOTD stopped working

I made an MOTD than would hide and unhide divs each time a link was clicked using javascript but all of a sudden it just stopped working and I didn’t change any of the code. I am not sure when it exactly stopped working but it could have been around the time of the recent update. So does anyone know whats up?

Dunno, but TBH I’m glad to see it go, no more infected MOTDs :ohdear:

Infected MOTDs what do you mean by that…

An exploit was found regarding ActiveX in IE that allowed a server to force download something via a http panel. To prevent this for now, Garry has disabled Javascript. There’s no real idea when it’ll be back, but there is the hope that he’ll add Webkit instead.

It also broke my addon YouStream and supposedly broke PlayX too.

There’s nothing that can be done about it - just hoping it will be re-enabled at some point.

Sigh that totally sucks… now my MOTD is going to be 100s of lines long :frowning:

YouStream was 750 lines long, and now doesn’t work. I feel your pain.