"Jawhol herr Hauptmann !"

I got some positive criticism therefore, I posted it.


I had a problem with the SS on the right therefore, his right hand is not posed well.

There is two historical mistake in the screen. I will give a cookie to the person who found them.

Okay… So the Kubelwagen is painted with a tan, desert color. And the SS panzer guy has a black hat, instead of the camo one. Probably.

And the soldier on the right has gloves, but I guess it’s not that cold.

These are not mistakes.

That the SS guy has mag pouces the the mp40 but holds a kar98?

Also looks like the first panzer guy has two headset, one around his neck. Still I don’t see this as a “historical” mistake.

Also Also, if you’re going for the salut. I don’t think any of the SS did that, Whermacht did salut like that though.

Stop making threads for your pictures… post them in this thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1160404

Maybe that the scene is empty and dark as shit?


That’s it. Here’s your cookie :

Is the mistake the MP40-II when only so few copies were made?

You can think that this Heer soldiers is testing it for the Army.