Jayhawker30's Sexual Chocolate Fantasy

So, yeah. I fucked up real bad on my last account before I could get immortalized and shit. If you’ve already seen this stuff before, then good news! You get to view it again.

Black Man, Lightsaber, Black Scottish Cyclops

Survivors 3 and Knuckles

Louis’s Escape and Subsequent Mourning

A Typical Game of L4D

A Medic and an Assassin

A sharply dressed white man stands heroically on a buoy.

A sharply dressed black man gets out the way

A Locked Fence

WhirlyBird Encounter

What the fuck?


Medic’s Creed

A Spy and a Medic up to no good.

My very first.



Immortalize me Facepunch, so that I may die happily.

Pretty good

Haha really nice.
And I lol’ed so hard at the “What the fuck?” pic :smiley:

Looks like it was edited by SeriousK

Indeed it was.

Good eye.

thx bro

Some of these are quite nice, like the one of the sharply dressed dude shooting.


Mother fuckin’ deja vu.