Jazz Jackrabbit 3D Model?

i downloaded the unreleased Jazz Jackrabbit 3D PC game, and figured i could just use Ninja Ripper, 3DVIA Printscreen, or 3D Ripper DX, because it’s a PC game, and i usually can just do that to rip 3D models from PC games, but none of these programs want to work with this game, just wont work, wont even attempt to rip anything, anyone have any idea or know of any possible way to get the character model of Jazz?

Last I knew, Jazz 3D runs on a version of the Unreal Tounament engine. personally, I’d like a Jazz Jackrabbit Model too. Only I have no idea how to rip, extract, or otherwise convert the game’s models.
(if the turtle ever get’s converted, let me know so I can modify it into Devan shell)