• Island Prison Created by AtOmIc

. Similar to TopHATTwaffle’s Map “Ba_Jail_Sylvan” this Map can be used for videos, screenshots and more!
. I hope you guys like the Map!

  • List of rooms & area’s

. Cell Block
. Armoury
. Medic
. Courtyard 1
. Courtyard 2
. Football Arena/Race Track
. Swimming Pool
. Library
. Prisoners got Talent
. Bunny Hopping Course
. Last request area

  • Features

. Cubemaps
. Custom Skybox
. Soundscapes
. Two easter eggs and one secret, see if you can find them!

  • Screenshots







  • Download



Pretty low-quality screenshots. Next time make sure you turn up the resolution and anti-aliasing.

The armoury looks like something from minecraft.

The textures themselves seem very low quality. There is a real lack of props and clutter. The map itself looks stale.

Very dull, my eyes are bleeding just looking at it. More detail, don’t do words with brushes, make your own textures.

This looks nice, though I won’t be trying it. You should of used some nicer textures, the ones you have used are bland and boring. The concept is nice, it is a little blocky in places. But yeah, looks alright.