jb_lego_jail_v4 Doors and Players are Invisible

For some reason, on Lego Jail v4, on my JB server, the players, the cell doors, some weapons, and various other items are invisible for me, although everyone else can see them fine. This occurs on all JB servers with this map. Am I missing textures from a game like TF2, CSGO, etc.? I have the CSS and TF2 textures installed locally.

Mount CS:S and TF2 normally instead of installing them locally.

Thanks, is that it, or do I need other textures as well?
Also, you mean mount them in the mount.cfg, correct?

Mount them in the mount.cfg for your server AND in the mount menu on your client.

Sorry, what’s the mount menu for my client?

Main menu, bottom right hand corner, game controller icon.

Still doesn’t work.

Try deleting your download folder and any addons that contain textures from CS:S or TF2.