JBMod. This is hilarious.

I know this is extremely old and stuff, but… I just needed to make an new thread. I just found this thing today. “JBMod” claims Garry’s Mod to stole the original idea. Heh, of course, if so, Garry traveled to the future because first Gmod release was in 2004, first JBMod release was in 2008. Also, it tries to copy Gmod’s sandbox nature, but it can’t. It fails badly. I wanted to think it’s a joke or something, but it looks like the creator actually is being serious.
Anyways, if you don’t know anything about this, here’s a video:

Uh JBMod actually did come first.

JBmod gets you bitches, unlike the inferior GMod.

Nope. Do a little investigation. Gmod = 2004, JBMod = 2008

“04/01/2008 - JBMod 2.0 released, using the OB engine!”

jbmod1 was before 2004.


what the fuck, he clearly said “7 years later” in the video, 2011 - 7 = 2004.

JBmod cured my crack addiction!

Ooh shiet, you are right :confused:

To bad JB Mod is shit.

What is wrong with you? JB Mod is clearly better than Garry’s Mod.

Just checked out the jbmod site. I have never seen such a jealous boner for a competing product.

I guess I bring my family shame :v:

JBMod - Jealous Boner Mod

I joined the IRC one day and I said the mod didn’t work (cause it doesn’t anymore) and he banned me with the reason: “JBmod is shit”.

We all know that garry is the reason why jbmod isn’t on steam.
#garrynewmanbribed #valveiscorrupt

Who banned you? xD

The owner himself

Wow… That guy is strange. A combination of douchebag and a pervert child. Well, pretty much every single Rust/CS:S player :v:

He’s these sadistic kind of funny that everybody loves

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at OP

cry tears of laughter