JChat - Another *Chat-named Chatbox


JChat is an enhanced, clean looking chatbox I worked on for the past 3-4 weeks, and now is ready for his first release





[li]Clean design.[/li][li]Supports all the chat-related functions.[/li][li]Color parsing support (Thanks to Divran)[/li][li]Works in multiplayer[/li][li]Supports DarkRP[/li][li]Various colors for special game “events”[/li][li]Supports messages with appended icons[/li][/ul]



Dropbox link


Divran - Color parsing code.
Me - Everything else.


[li]Fixed non-working scrolling[/li][li]Added cvar jchat_maxlines(default to 10)[/li][/ul]

[li]Fixed scrolling direction[/li][li]Improved jchat_maxlines[/li][li]Added cvar jchat_useicons (def. 1)[/li][li]Added icons for superadmin and admin ranks[/li][li]Fixed position for all resolutions[/li][/ul]


Here’s a list of all the supported colors


:siren: Please report found bugs in this thread and I’ll fix them asap. :siren:


What a rip off of PChat! Loser!

Lols, JK - looks pretty cool.
I assume you can change the group colors? Cause that dark red hurts my eyes, lol

That screenshot was show while I was testing it with DarkRP.
And I started developing JChat long before PortalGod decided to write PChat.

How do the silkicons work? Like, can you set which one to use or something?


Only a nigger like you could do that. In the good meaning… I think.

(User was banned for this post ("Racism." - Seiteki))

You saved me from alot of struggling pattern testing, man, thanks a bunch.

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No, the user is for player messages, join/leave/cvar change/ChatPrint/PrintMessage has the world icon.
But if you are a scripter you can add a custom icon to your message really easily.

Sorry Portal, JChat for now

The next think I will add is smiley support I hope.
Oh and here’s a list of all the colors you can use


It’s not showing the last line in the chat for me.

I’ve been developing mine longer, and I told you I would kill your family if you stole my title. But I just found out I can’t recover my hard drive, so, whatever.

I like both the chats

Going offtopic for a bit,Wolfo,facepunch doesn’t know that you are friend with Loures.
Even though your words were just a proof of friendship,they were too harsh and you got that ban.
And damnit Loures,now that you stole JChat name,what I’m going to name my chatbox after?


Nice chatbox. One problem though…


You can’t see the last line.

I tried scrolling down but still couldn’t see.

I already fixed it in my own version, I will release as soon as I finish the other feature.

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Updated OP with new release.


I noticed this issue with aChat. Every line is stored in a table, and after a ton of chat is…chatted, it freezes the game for a split second when opening the chatbox. I haven’t looked at the code, but could you add something to remove the first value in the table after the number of lines > 60 or something?

I’ll look around it.

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Fixed that issue, and I also added special icons for admins and superadmins chat messages.

Can you make the special icons togglable?

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Like, a server convar?