JC's Avatar - Faith the na'vi

This is a picture of a reskin of the faith nude model. except the tail and the ear, obviously they were put in from faceposer. If I could model it so it has a tail and the right ear I would but I dont know how to model. I know theres a little bit of the edge of her not blurred but i couldnt get that close in my photo-editor.

if anyone wants this reskin your more than welcome to pm me for it.


hahaha this is glorious.

The Cameron virus continued to spread through the forums like wildfire until every thing that ever had to do with Avatar was talked about, then mm3guy bursts through the wall and changes the fp logo to a derp Na’vi’s face…
jk jk
Nice job on the skin man :razz:

her hair looks so out of place.

She cut her usb ponytail off…

Drool My god so hot, now all she needs to be is half naked (like in the movie) (no not faith the avatars in the movie)

Well, it’s not hard to tell what you were looking at the whole movie…

What are all the edges around Faith? Bad blur isolation? It looks awful.

The reskin could be alot better too, I loled tho.

this picture is great because of the awful crop job. seriously. this is great hahaha


Every time i see it.

I lol’d.


…We need moar TERMINATOR!
nobody ever saw dark angel?
where were you 2002? in the womb?

There will be more than enough as long as I am around.


And with me rising, there will be 2X.
now only if we could get Dark Angel models…

I lol’d

Still drooling