Jeans and Leather Sniper

I finally finished a skin for the Sniper from Team Fortress 2. And I uploaded it to FPSB. But people just ignore it, well most of them. So I decided to link it here, so you can see it. Tell me if you like it.[/media]


Also, help me with the problem I noted there.

It looks like he put the jeans on backwards with a zipper that his poo can go out of.

The zipper doesn’t seem like the kinda zipper you’d have on jeans and the pockets that you’ve put on the front are the kind pockets that should be on the back.

Zipper’s on jeans are covered by a flap.

To be honest the denim texture looks like you just applied noise filter to blue background. And the zipper doesn’t look realistic. Plus there are no seams or stiching anywhere.

With the denim stuff on, red sniper looks like Mario.

I didn’t know that you wanted complete realism on a TF2 skin. And I didn’t make the stitches, because it was too hard. Maybe in V2.

Also only half of the posts are criticism, the others are just plain bull****.

Uh, how is saying what’s bad and what you should change bullshit?

The skin itself look alright but it doesn’t fit TF2.

It has nothing to do with realism, it has to do with accuracy.

Denim Dan.

I think it’s a good try, just that it could be a lot better.


I think those are pretty much the same thing.


Really nice work :slight_smile:

Late and the whole Aussie thing throws off him being Italiano.