Jedi - From KOTOR / Battlefront - Other models from battlefront a possibility?

Hi FP, here in the community we have pretty much every major starwars ragdoll/model apart from jedi.
I have seen vader, yoda, Fetts, grevous, etc. so I can’t see why no decent jedi models have been ripped & rigged yet. I think they would make the collection complete, as well as being useful for screenshots, etc.

Various jedi come to mind from games like battlefront/2, Jedi Knight, TFU, KOTOR including:

Mace windu
Obi Wan
Luke Skywalker
Darth Maul (Sith I know becaues more would also be good)
Aayla Secura…These are just those from battlefront 1 & 2

While I have your attention I would also like to ask if the hoth (snow) rebels would also be a possibility?

I know of a very good Darth Maul model in jk3

But I don’t know how to rip and port

Try here,

You’ll find quite a few models. One pack has Count Dooku in it, another with Darth Nihilus and Revan, search Shaak Ti too. Darth Maul is in this pack

Have a look around, you’ll find a whole bunch of stuff.

There’s also an Atris model floating around.