Jedi Knight on a nameless world in the outer rim.

btw, it’s a scenebuild on gm_construct.

The leaves are clipping with the Orge’s left hand.

really cool, what model is the jedi?

Off Toybox.

Where get sexy foliage?

Nice picture by the way.

Left 4 Dead 2

Jeeze thats been done on construct? Impressive stuff sir.
Nice depth of field too.

Very impressive, although I’m not sure why a Jedi would be carrying a gun if he already has a lightsaber and a stick. (Left saber isn’t glowing–intentional?)

It’s a sword, I’ve been playing KOTOR 2 lately and it must have seemed right to give him a sword and a blaster, at least that’s what I did…

this is the epitome of what you can do with gmod tools

the composition is godly

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may I have the original please

Great scenebuild.

Have a winner dear sir.

The original is in the “Edit My Screenshot Thread”

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Thanks for all of the positive comments guys!

cheers it’s night here but I’ll most likely PM you the result tomorrow

That’s exactly what I was thinking of when I saw this…good games.
And excellent job.