Jediael's 3x1 Tower - Forces Raiders to Spend 10 Minutes Per Level (Door Cooldown)

Some of you may have seen this post on either my youtube channel or posting on the Rust Subreddit. Thought I’d share this build with you.

Post Mirror on Imgur (If you can’t view it properly in this thread).

Build Video. Below is the same thing as the video except in a sequence of images and descriptions.

  1. Begun with a 3x1 Foundation

  1. Add in 9 pillars accordingly

  1. On the first level is your structure entrance. Make sure the side with the diagonal piece is ON THE RIGHT (the diagonal piece is on the top of the metal doorway and the bottom of a wood doorway).

  1. Wall off the rest of the outside.

  1. Standing on the entrance square, place the other two doorways with the DIAGONAL PIECE ON THE RIGHT. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

For clarification on diagonals, please see this post I created

  1. Place the doors. The entrance should open on the left hinge. The other two should open right hinge.

  1. Correctly placed doorways.

  1. Place the stairs accordingly.

  1. Close this door and open it the other way. Hinge should be on the left (from the other side of the doorway).

  1. If placed correctly, they should line up.

  1. Repeat the structure on the second level. (outside pillars and walls).

  1. Place the outer walls.

  1. Place the doorways with the diagonal side on the right again.

  1. Door should hinge to the right again.

This is how this structure works.

Video Demonstration. Image Album version below again.

Because of the middle pillar, you cannot blow both doors and jump from one side to another.

The ONLY way to the other side is to walk on the tops of the doors to the other side.

Speed jump across (shift+run+jump)

You should be able to land on the top of the other door.

Once across, open the other door.

Turn around and close the first of the four doors.

Jump into the doorway and close the 2nd door.

Close this door and open it the other way out.

Now the second level of doors are lined up to walk across for the third level.

You can place whatever you want in this room. This design is repeatable.
Cost per level:
9 Pillars
1 Ceiling
8 Walls
2 Doorways
2 Doors

Go as far up as you wish!

Because the doors themselves are needed to scale the structure, a raider would have to break the door and replace it with his own to scale up the structure. Door cool down is 5 minutes and so every level you add (after the 2nd level) requires AT LEAST 10 minutes from door cool down time to get to the next level. 6 levels requires AT LEAST 50 minutes to get to the top floor. Also because most of the time scaling requires you being int he center, its is highly defendable from higher floors shooting downwards in the central pillar room. Feel free to test this design and give feedback!

I think I just stay with my suicide house.

Easy to raid. large box+baricade=1min per floor

Flaws: build a foundation beside it and stair up.
If you surround with foundations and pillars on all points at least 3 levels above your roof. Use barricade on pillar trick to get to loot room

I always forget to say it because there’s always a few goobers who say “just stair up.” obviously you can build next to ANY tower structure to bypass the internal complexity, that’s raiding 101. I always am proved wrong because I figure it’s OBVIOUS to simply employ other structures to prevent that from happening around the base. Pillar foundations. Spike walls. Include this core design inside another base. This is simply a proof of concept to show how to take advantage of game mechanics. use other tricks in addition to this one to build better.

you can place barricades in the doorways and just go all the way up 1 side blowing 1 door per floor