Jeep Convicts.


If that music was not there, I would not get the dead rising reference.

Rated arty.

I stole their gun after I killed them.

But they [sp]respawned at midnight, and I killed them with their gun that I stole[/sp]

Goddamn I hated them.

Really nice pose.


Although Nick has derp eyes.

Great pose Enhanced, I like the fact that you used the same music as in the game to give some canon (I’m a huge Dead Rising fan, that’s why I give you the appraisal for the music :v:) But the girl “Frank” is escorting should be white to be more like the game :smug: And posing sees solid too pal.

Name of the song is “Gone Guru” if anyone is wondering.

Actually she was more…

no wait you’re right.

Well it actually looks like Sophie a bit, but her skin tone is darker. Great work Enhanced! There needs to be more Dead Rising themed pics like this.

God damn i hated those fuckers.

How did they keep coming back to life…

The game was built around zombies. They are supposed to come back.

They didn’t come back as zombies though, they just respawned as normal.

It didn’t make any sense.

Yeah it was annoying that they kept respawning. But they’re really easy once you have the small chainsaws with the 3 books or the Real MegaBuster.

I remember these assholes.

Sky-rocketing difficulty, much?

I remember the first time I saw them I was like “Shitshitshitshitshit” and I ran back inside.

Never seen many apealing screenshots before, but I like this one due to the sense of detail.

Also the first referance I noticed without having to read where it came from (Which makes the image good, rather than me stupid >_<.).

Awesome, rated it artistic.

I got ran over the first time I saw them :saddowns:

Anyways you really made me wanna play it Enhanced. Very well done.


Nah, I like it. Good work. :slight_smile:


I could NEVER kill them. Dead Rising was really hard for me :saddowns:


dead rising was a great game i liked killing the convicts every night with my mega blaster