Jeep getting the fuck out of wherever it was before

Original picture by me, and editing by A mutual friend.

Bonus from that same mutual friend:


Hurr :smug:


Fuck you ninja.


I was being sarcastic tbh.

Pilot-less huey wat

Whats with the crater on the ground?

— Effects look good

Posing looks a little stiff on the gunner but the composition of the scene is nice enough.

The editing is okay but the effects look really cartoony, there are some irritating guassian blur marks left by the glow on the light sources which is a mostly unavoidable shame and the crater doesn’t blend in as well as it could.

BC2 models are out already?

… naw.


Frontlines: Fuels of War

oh,i think i saw this “jeep” in BC2…that’s why

I recognized the editing style immediatly.
its kinda good to know hes not gone totally.

I hope Joazzz keeps editing pictures.

I was about to say that the editing looked a helluva lot like joazzz.

Great work on both ends.

lol me too
i was like “damn zerax, your starting to edit like Joazz”, then I started to read…

I can’t edit like Joazzz yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Why doesn’t Joazzz make an alt.

When you’re banned, the IP you’re on is banned for a month or until the ban is cleared. Dunno about permas though.

That sucks balls.

That is some weird glow around the sparks, I REALLY like the effects though. How did you do it?