Jeep Transporter Build Competition

Hey everyone,
I’ve been inspired by all of the old build competition videos I’ve seen on YouTube but cant seem to find any to participate in. So here’s what i was thinking: A realistic vehicle built to transport a jeep.

  Here's the Rules:

There will be 100 points possible, 50 points awarded for completion of the main goals, and 50 points for execution of the vehicle.

Can be propelled only by a thruster based piston engine connected to the wheels.
Must fit inside a 4 wide by 6 long by 4 high PHX box.
Must be a maximum of 10,000 GMod weight units heavy.
Maximum of 6 wheel sets, all can be used for drive.
Cannot use thrusters, expression applyforce, or forcers for forward propulsion.
Should have ample space for a standard HL2 jeep somewhere with loading/unloading mechanism.
A gearbox, of minimum 2 gears is mandatory.
Should have a decent set of suspension which can be executed using any method (elastics, hydraulics, applyforce)

Each goal is worth 10 points. Failure of any of the goals will result in a point reduction.

1 Can load and unload a jeep from some bed on the vehicle.
2 Can carry a jeep and itself through a fixed course without accident.
3 Weighs less than 10,000 units (not including jeep).
4 Fits inside a 4x6x6 PHX box.
5 Is propelled by a thruster piston engine using a gearbox to power the drive wheels.

Execution points:
Each vehicle will be judged in 5 categories, awarding 10 points each.

1 Visual appeal - How nice does it look? This may be subject to the judge.
2 Mechanical detail - Is the drive-train just an engine or a full assembly?
3 Speed - Was it a tank or a Ferrari?
4 Power - How many horses was the vehicle packing?
5 Build quality - Parenting can be a big factor in this. Messy bundle of floppy parts or beautifully assembled work of art?

Time is not a factor of the contest, and there will always be an easy way out of every major obstacle of the course in case the vehicle struggles, though usage will bring about a penalty. If the vehicle gets stuck on the course, it may be pulled out, but at a penalty.

No official deadline yet.

Agree with this post if you’re thinking about participating.

-Thanks to Mr. White for coming up with the rules

I think this is a great idea. I’ll try it.

You should probably add that it should pass a hover ball test.

Also, will there be partial points on everything or will some just be all or nothing. Example being actually putting an engine in or not. Do you give a better score for a better engine? Same for weight. Would you just take a few points off going say 1000 over or just take away all the <10000 weight points?

Point-wise, all of the goals are all or nothing, that way, no one has an unfair advantage. and i will think about a way to incorporate the hover-ball test.

If I could make ground vehicles I would enter in a heartbeat, but I think I will make an engine

It’s not that hard; take a frame, bolt on some wheels, and detail the piss out of it (granted, I’ve yet to really make it past this stage) and viola.

Engine and gearbox? Seems like I’m not gonna participate :frown:

Why not? Engines aren’t to hard to put together and the gearbox only needs 4 gears.

I’m not very good at e2

What the fuck is dumb about not knowing e2 so well?

Why rate me dumb, fucking idiots

see if that helps Pringles.

You only need to know if & thens.

basically you’re timing the thruster to fire between a certian angle
EX: T1 = (Bearing>0 & Bearing<180 )*Power

Every time I make an e2, someone just says ‘‘lol terrible e2 go kill youself’’

Beep beep, I’ve got a Jeep :smug:

Cherokee :smug: :smug:

I’m in.

My truck shall be large and ugly.

4x6x6 is ridiculously small, thinking of you’re fitting an ENGINE into it…?

this man is onto something. if u want something thats has a realistic scale to it and a jeep on the back of it u need something bigger than this

at least thats what i think.

All trucks are large and ugly. Look forward to seeing it!

Trans control for engine & gearbox is extremely easy. No E2 is needed. Thrusters to the bearing of some beacon sensors on the crank is all you need for a basic engine, and a gearbox can just be weld latches to a numpad toggle.

Or you could do E2 and go with a BRD or PAdiff CVT with an RPM-governed engine :razz: But engines just require skill and patience to build.

4x4x6 is a perfectly realistic size. It might be better to be a tad longer and lower, but it’s more than enough size. You may need to make a suspension that has high rollover resistance, like a walking beam or at least one with rollbars.

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did garry fix the jeep sounds? Mah jeepz sound normal again…

Yep he fixed them finally :buddy:

Darn… I liked the old jeep sound -.-

Anyway, I’m in with a V16 swinger, but Both TB’s and Adv dupe messes it up terribly!!!