Jeep turned into AA tank?

Some kid came into my server, which had 100% basic add-ons, and he literally used some tool and turned a jeep into an AA tank, with a cannon on the back. I forgot to take a screenshot at the time, but he also turned it into a truck. How did he do this??? It wasn’t made of props. It was a model. The AA tank’s cannon actually turned and shot. I’m so confused.

Maybe E2, If you have wire.

Ohh… Thank you :smiley:

With hax.

Ain’t you that guy from the Blockland forums?
Anyways, You can just spawn a Human APC model (Its under HL2 Vehicles) and then nocollide it with the jeep and weld it on.

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Then he probably used Adv. Duplicator as E2 has to use here. (I don’t see someone making a tank out of holograms when there already are 2 models)

Blockland is pwnishness!