Jeff: The OFFICIAL Interactive Comic

You are Jeff, one of the community’s most beloved Gmod comic characters ever created! This is a free form interactive comic in which your replies will shape the outcome of the story. Feel free to post your suggestions as to what it is that Jeff should do next. The selected answer will be quoted and made into the next chapter of the comic!

This is a familiar scene, isn’t it? Jeff is reading a newspaper.

Falling pottery, falling pottery everywhere.

Dodge Northeast with a quick time event.

Look around.

Reminisce about how much has changed over 5 years.

Then eat a banana.

Read some more.

Get up, go to the nearest vending machine.

You’re hungry, try to eat the newspaper.
If it doesn’t work, go to the bright door behind you and open it, bright things can’t be that bad.

Tell a stranger that there zipper is undone.

Jeff: Look up at the camera and make a snide comment.

Forums: Regard it as comedy gold.

Mount the scanner and fly to the Citadel.

Evolve into gordon freeman or put your dick in a vending machine.

Realise you’ve been reading the same news paper for years, get off your ass and go buy a new one.

You realise you have haemorrhoids because you sat there for so long.

What Madmanmad said, Go get a new one!

Make Jeff suddenly turn black.

Suddenly, Jeff turns black!

Do funny, Black, standup comedy

Become raveman.


Black Jeff looks hungry, eat the newspaper.

Join a Million Man March.