(Jeff wayne) - War of the worlds - Tripod SNPC


Hey, 7 months ago, I started a project for a large mass-production of SNPCs, Due to diagnosis of diabetes and detainment for quite a while, I was unable to take up coding…
You may have seen I and Vrej’s old thread regarding this project which IS still alive.
Well, my main project was (And still is) the war of the worlds tripod SNPC (Animated by BinyGast (Developer of Project saurus))

I’ve fixed and added a lot of things since the thread…
For instance:
• Added a non-collision to combine balls.
• Added an amazing musical theme from Jak III.
• Added a hateful relationships to all NPCs.
• Added a correct collision box.
• Added a script which allows the SNPC only to recieve damage from explosions.
• Fixed the SNPC spawning below ground (which was very aggravating)
• A brand new script for death:


Additionally, footstep sounds are given to the SNPC through the QC.

Now to things that need adding:
• A working env_laser as a weapon, the current laser isn’t spawning.
• Working tripod bomb, now spawning, not in the direction of “v” (target), but repetitive spawning causes the game to crash.


(Currently) - Credits to:
• BinyGast( Animations & Sounds )
• The modeler (UNKNOWN, If you know the modeler’s name, then let me know so i can add him / her to the list.)
• Vrej - Helping out with greatly the code.
• Grinchfox - Attempting the laser.
• Me - The coding (so far)
• You could be the replacement for this message if you can support with the required additions.

Overall progress: 77.77777777777777777777% - TRUE PERCENTAGE, NO JOKE

looks good

Thanks, all i need to complete it is the attack code(s) I have some level of hope that this SNPC doesn’t turn out as a blitz of errors.

!!!Sorry for the bump!!!
Added major updates:
The laser (Ion cannon particles) emits from it’s correct attachment and dissolves the player…
Electric arc emittion upon explosive damage.
Blue flash upon bullet damage to indicate a shield activation.
Thin waves of electricity circling the SNPC’s corpse.
1.) When a HL2 NPC is spawned while the tripod is present… the game fucking crashes… what the balls?
2.) The tripod’s beam needs to be timed, but I cannot do it as the laser particle is emmited constantly to sustain visibility… By breaking the continuum, the SNPC might not fire the correct duration of beams…
3.) Tries to find an entity in it’s sphere after the target is dead…

3.) Tries to find an entity in it’s sphere after the target is dead…
I think I can fix this for you =) and I see my Dark Messiah Spiders in the screenshot =D

Yep, your spiders are actually phenomenal… You made a good release!


Sorry for another double post, but I think that with the progress I've made in this video, It'll be worth it.

Remaining problems:
Firing ray through walls.
Crashes when dmg encounters a HL2 NPC.
Not turning to it’s target when trying to attack.
Only walking around certain spots.

Things I’ve implemented:
AI_DISABLED and AI_IGNOREPLAYERS is now valid to the NPC (it will obey the rules)
Fire on the end of the heat ray… BIG improvement on the detail.
Tesla / ARC spawns on the tripod’s body when attacked by an explosive missile.

It seems that the hl2 related crash is the result of GetClass(), IsNPC or IsValid… which makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.


Added flinching and death schedules that do whatever the fuck they want because upon the SNPC’s spawn, it goes in to the flinch animation immediately for no apparent reason and stands idle like a dumbass…
How frustrating…


No matter for this now, Steam and Garry’s mod have both been deleted… I may come back in a LONG while… but until then, this project is frozen.