Jenga Block Model

Please make one, Im making a map and ive tried many times, Each time failing because of either textures not aligning or modeling problems.

It needs to be two grids long, But half a grid wide. (Hammer grid) with the textures.


You’re having problems making a simple block?

I think you need to read up some hammer tutorials and texture creation. It’s not hard.

No, I can make a block, I can make maps in hammer, I need someone to make a jenga block with 3DS max or Milkshape or what ever you use so i can get past the Physblock allowance of eight.

Here you go:

Thats kinda what im looking for, Except not the right size, I need one thats 2 grid blocks by 1/2 grid block!

Atleast be nice to him…

That’s not very specific. There are different sizes of grids in Hammer. Do you mean the default size (64)?

Unless you literally mean 2 blocks. That would probably be around the size of a real Jenga block.

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