Jenkins Misc Release thread.

So I don’t have to make separate threads for stuff.

BF3 Dirt Bike.
It’s kinda wip, it lacks normal’s, because for some reason the normal has a different UV map and source can’t do that kinda shit. I’ll update it eventually.
But it’s quite high poly and high detail so it shouldn’t matter too much. ps it’s ragdolled.

The first props I ever made, they were made awhile ago.

PS p sure the bumpmaps are inverted.

[sub][sub][sub]dean pls fix.[/sub][/sub][/sub]

Meal, Ready-to-Eat
There are no modern MRE props so here.

Comes with four skins~ and open/broken model.

Rusty’s Meal, Ready-to-Eat’s
Re-uv’d, Re-textured. meatballs only because you touch yourself. (Does not replace vanilla warz mre.)

Thank you Jenkins.


I love the backpacks. Thank you for your brilliant work. <3

bike normal

what models are use in backpack picture?

My perskin is the one with the soviet tank commander hat, Korro’s is the ginger, and Rusty’s is the one with the armband.

Also thanks for the sentiment, but if I must ask. Did you just put the diffuse into like crazybump or something? Generally that doesn’t create the best normals tbh.

Finally someone porting real (packaged) food!

Now no one in Gmod will starve to death again

These are amazing. Thank you so much Jenkins!

yes diffuse was in crazybump i hope that is not a problem

i know the bump sucks :frowning:

Almost done.

added rustys mre

Yeah that turned out better than I expected.

Really good work on this, really good.

WOW! real nice job on these. The MRE brings back some good memories when I was deployed.

Holy fuck Beret Brothers have a factory in my city!

We want more! Maybe some more WWII personal use stuff?

Also, I’d give really much for a badass quality zippo.

Someone can probably grab the lighter from the Rising Storm’s satchel charge view model.

One thing I noticed.

kill me

anyway, loving these models