Jericho Missile

I have just finished a missile for Garry’s Mod that is my idea of the Jericho missile from the movie ‘Iron Man’.

** This mod requires GCombat and GCombatX** to work to its full functionality.
I could give a long description of it, but i think pictures are better.

I also spent an hour or so re-creating the sequence where the missile is let off in the movie.
It’s not very professional but it gets the message across.


Although I made this alone, it includes variations of a few scripts and requires a few others.
Sir Waddles (Tracker) - Coding, Modelling & Texturing
Spacebuild Dev Team - Shockwave Effect (Variated by Tracker)
garry - Smoke and Fire
GCombatX Devs - Explosive Effect
Valve - Bomb model and Explosion effect
Q42 - GCombat
Iron Man Sound Artists - Explosive and Launch sounds

-Added flare to clusters
-Less red final explosion
-More Yaw specific spread of clusters (to prevent collateral damage)
-Missile now unwelds on launch
-Flame fixed

I have a slightly different one that makes it so it unwelds or whatever itself before firing, not sure if i should put it up. Only did it for the video.

and i forgot the download link

You may have noticed in the movie that there is no fire coming out the back, I just fixed that in this version.
Might upload soon

Wow it looks awesome gonna test it now.

I though the launch platform was a nice touch. :wink:

Nice effects.

Oooh! Looks tasty, must test when I get home!

The fire looks very red.

I’d make the flamelet particles have their original color instead of making them completely red.

Video looks very cool! Good job!

I like it for the most part, but is there a way to make the clusters all go in the same direction as the mother missile? The collateral damage of firing one of those too close to your contraption would be devestating otherwise.

Maximum should be about a 100 degree cone for the direction, otherwise it’d be very messy.

Also the fire is too red, and yes you should put out the automatically unwelding version.

Make the secondary gradient of the color effect yellow/orangish.

The first stays red.

Then it will look real-er. Nice job btw.


Ok, New one up

The clusters should fire outwards from the missile’s direction, rather than firing directly outwards. Do it and you get an invisible gold star.

yea, they do in the new one

Does this use a physically simulated missile or is it forced-arc like the gcombat shells?

If it’s physically simulated, we could make some sort of wire-anti-jericho turret or something that shoots it out of the sky :smiley:

Pretty neat, though I’d try and make the explosions more dense in terms of resulting smoke, like the particles used in the Episode 2 rocket launch. The video doesn’t quite seem to portray the power, although the shockwave effect is nice.

There goes the whole mod down the drain…

Whenever anything requires “those two things”, i can never get “those two things” to work. Considering that “those two things” require “a million other things” which also require “a million other things” which are all very hard to get considering there are “a million” versions of each one

Uh… how about the newest versions?

I came.

There’s this thing, it’s called SVN updating.
There’s also
Anyways, this looks awesome.