jerks of gmod 3

brought to you by briggsotisdallas


laughed everytime that one dude went 'MURRRRRRICA!!!

Great, great otis again :slight_smile:

I love you.

Otis 4 president

Who’s Otis?

why all i see is a text saying “advertisement”?

Good ol’ Otis

You dick. OtIs told me to make a thread about his vid >:(


i lol’d

I laughed all the way through it especially at Omama bin laden.

grandpa otis is a hero

lost it at constimatution

This is pure fuckin’ gold

6 minutes and 26 seconds of gold entertainment.

hahah the fox news guy was hilarious

What map is that at 3:52?

Awesome video, grandpa is such a wise man.

The map is ttt_mansion

So what’s the next video gonna be about?