Jerry Found Tommy


I mainly make these in an effort to start practicing with lamps and lighting effects. I’m a newbie at that concept and still stuck in my old-school GModding mentality (not using most of the post processing tools other than SDoF ).

I’m learning to embrace the new.

Embrace the new, Jim.

Holy hell if you decided to make another comic. Wowee.

histroically inaccruate britain would never falter no she wouldnt me son

I think you did very well on the lightning in the second one. I would’ve added more dense grass in the first one since one can see through parts of the grass and find the flat terrain prop. Yea, lightning’s not that complicated Jim. Just have 1 lamp and 2 weak lights, usually one being warm and one cold. That’s about it.

It’s still new to me, easy as it may be. I’ll get it down to soon enough!

Always a possibility :wink: