Jessica Cannon And Zoey

This Jessica is a major improvement. Good job egg_toaster.
Big ass version

Zoey’s eye make-up looks a bit horrible, and it looks like she’s packing man-bits where she should have lady-bits.

Otherwise they’re great!

Your lighting is usually impeccable, this is not one of those times. This looks like a scene from Unreal 2…

Model Posing looks strong.
Nice pic

Your welcome rastifan

Really? Well, I guess I focused to much on Jessica. Not all balanced I see.

jessica is grabbing zoeys non-existant buttocks lol

It’s good.

That Zoey skin just needs to lose the make-up and colorful belt. Moreso the make-up though.

Otherwise, it’s pretty good. Minus, the kind of odd arm posing on Jessica (the one holding the gun).

Yes the arm looks odd. I saw that after wards. It is a big ass gun. Had a bit of trouble fitting it to Jessica.

Female characters have such tiny hands.

thanks for making me realize how awful the combine assassin and zoey models are.

I see what your getting at here.
It’s a metaphor the ignorance of todays youth and how they are unwilling to to change their ideals.
I.E. the firearms they’re holding. The makeup on Zoey shows that it can even spread as far as the outcast’s of society. And the armor on Jessica and the PSG1 show that the economic elite can also have this problem.
Well played sir, well played. :golfclap: